Stem Cell Research Archives Project


The Stem Cell Research Archives Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries collects, preserves, and provides access to

  • records of stem cell research at UW-Madison
  • reactions in Wisconsin to work accomplished or underway at UW-Madison.

These archival records and reactions include paper and digital materials (Web-based and otherwise), as well as audio and video resources. The Libraries of the University of Wisconsin-Madison serve as the home for the materials collected and preserved in the course of this project.

The University Archives, the Department of Special Collections in Memorial Library, and the Historical Collections in Ebling Library all have extensive experience in collecting, preserving, and providing access to special collections in multiple formats, paper and otherwise. Our objective in this project is to develop and implement a documentation strategy for records documenting the fast-changing field of stem cell research in Wisconsin; our intent is not to compile a comprehensive bibliographic database of stem cell research.

The materials we are assembling in the course of this project are of interest to researchers in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine, as well as researchers in history of science, technology, and medicine; philosophy; ethics; religious studies; economics; political science; sociology; and public policy.

Archival Records Regarding Stem Cell Research at UW-Madison

Through University Archives, the Project preserves materials related to embryonic, adult, and fetal stem cell research on the UW-Madison campus, in order to facilitate historical and other scholarly studies of these significant research programs. Materials such as lab notebooks and protocols, correspondence, grant applications and reports, conference papers and presentations, and instruction and outreach materials are likely candidates for inclusion. Appropriate attention is of course paid to the confidentiality and ownership of such resources.

We are working with faculty, staff, and students in various academic departments, laboratories, programs, centers, and other units on the UW-Madison campus to identify materials for preservation in paper and/or electronic form. In this endeavor we are also working closely with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) and University Communications.

Please note that such archival records can be used at University Archives but are not, in general, available in digitized form.

Reactions in Wisconsin to stem cell research

The Project also captures and preserves a broad range of opinion from organizations and individuals in Wisconsin. We seek and preserve paper documents recording opinions on this subject from a variety of sources, as well as online expressions of reactions in Wisconsin to stem cell research. In our collecting of paper and online documents, we also enjoy the cooperation of University Communications and the Library and Archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

In particular, we invite organizations in Wisconson to send their position statements concerning stem cell research to the Project for inclusion in the archival collection Reactions in Wisconsin to Stem Cell Research. If you wish the position statement of your organization to be included in this collection, please complete the short organization form either online or on paper. If you choose to complete the form on paper, please mail it to Stem Cell Research Archives Project, 990 Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53706.

As such statements are added to our archival collection, they will be made available to researchers in the Department of Special Collections, 990 Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 728 State Street.

We also use the tool Archive-It, a subscription service from the Internet Archive, in building and managing an online archive of Web pages containing reactions in Wisconsin to stem cell research. That growing archive is available for anyone to search.

Project team - contact us

  • David Null, Director of University Archives
  • Robin Rider, Curator of Special Collections, Memorial Library
  • Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, Curator/History of the Health Sciences Librarian and Assistant Director for Development and External Relations, Ebling Library
  • Lisa Saywell, Head of Public Services, Memorial Library
  • Judith R. H. Kaplan, project assistant and graduate student in the Department of History of Science